How Sweet It Is

Saturday I hosted a bachelorette party for a very lovely bride, my best friend Tiffany. Her colors for her wedding are purple and white so I found as many purple decorations that I could think of. Balloons covered the floors, streamers hung from the ceiling and sweets of all kinds! I special ordered some Cookies By DJ for the guests as their gift bags. The cookies were soft, sweet and decorated as I had requested. Danielle always impresses me with her cookies. Im so glad that I chose this idea for gift bags because the ladies were very happy.

I also bought some candy melts in Lavender to dip some pretzels in. It was fun and quick to make as well as tasty!!


  1. These look amazing!! I just came back from a bridal shower myself, so I know what you mean when you say it's wedding season again. :)

  2. Jurga5:29 AM

    Totally cute :))

    Regards from Lithuania!