Dont Let It Go To Waste

I hate when I buy groceries and before I know it they have been sitting in my fridge for 7 days without being touched. I have been meaning to make something with a few ingredients that are just taking up space in the fridge but havent been able to make the time. Last night I took the eggplants out of the fridge along with some other items to make something quick, well, less then an hour type of quick. I grabbed my eggplant, 2 eggs, marinated mozzarella balls, Cheddar cheese, onions, tomatoes and pita chips for my breading

2 containers, one with marinated oil and the other without. When I finish the cheese in the marinated container I just refill it with the cheese from the container that isnt marinated. Voila!!

I cut my my eggplant long ways, but you can cut them in rounds too. After I cut them I placed them in my bowl with the 2 eggs that I lightly beat. Afterwards I just coated the slices with homemade breadcrumbs! I used a few leftover pieces of garlic pita chips. No one ever seems to want to eat the chips that are in a bag that are 75% empty. lol, making your own breadcrumbs with the left over pieces is a good way of not wasting food as well as giving your food a delicious crunch. Just add more salt, pepper and garlic powder or whatever you choose and it becomes your own touch!

After I coated the slices, I lightly fried each side in the pan with 2 tablespoons of EVOO. Then I placed them on a paper towel to dry off before placing my cheeses, onions, tomatoes and a few sprinkles of those breadcrumbs for an extra crunch.

I should have taken a photo of the slices when I had them on my plate but after this photo was taken I dug in! lol..

What type of recipes can you pull together with the items in your fridge?


  1. That looks yummy! Eggplant has always been a staple at my house. I think tomorrow night's dinner is going to be a "wing it" type one. LOL I'm going to try making grilled chicken with some kind of orange citrus sauce. Wish me luck. ;)

  2. Heather6:59 PM

    I'm a vegetarian and I make this dish all the time. Tasty