The Countdown Begins

My best friend Tiffany had her bridal shower this past weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect and it was so nice seeing people I hadnt seen since Tiffany and I were young 13 year old tomboys. Catching up with a few of the guests made me realize just how much time has passed and how much we've grown as individuals. All of it was a bit surreal for me. Im usually a chatter box but I was quite introverted at this party. I was observing everything and kind of freaking out in my head! lol. My best friend is getting married very soon and Im seriously beside myself. I dont know how to express what Im feeling because theres a rush of emotions going through me. I got to see how sweet the bond between her and her bridesmaid Angela is. Angela really was helpful at the party and came up with fun games we all played. One game consisted of everyone having diamond ring necklaces, if anyone said Bride or Wedding then your necklace was taken away. I was the first to lose mine.. but Angela let me slide ;) I ended up giving her mine anyhow since I had to leave early.
I look forward to Tiffany and Kenny's wedding and am happy to be part of these wonderful memories in their life. Time may have changed our surroundings and the people we associate with but it hasnt changed the pure happiness we want for our friends. Life is Beautiful

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  1. Anonymous4:17 PM

    I love it!! Amazing shots and angles!!! You look stunning as always!!