California Blondes

I had a chance to photograph a root retouch for highlights that I was doing the other night. Originally I had planned to put in some golden blonde low lights along with the highlights to give it more dimension but figured maybe her own natural base color could serve as a low light. I like to take very thin slices and weaves at a random order so it gives a more natural look and not so mechanical. If youre interested in highlighting your hair remember theres a lot of beauty in subtle change compared to thick strands of highlights that we in the industry like to call "stripper strips", lol. Now dont get me wrong, sometimes the thick highlight strands work VERY well, if done right. I love highlights, it can brighten your image along with your hair. I have friends that have gone from dark chocolate colored hair to a beautiful dimensional blonde through heavy highlights.

The end result turned out really nice and now that I look at it I think a few thin golden blonde low lights will look amazing as well.

I will try to photograph the final result from the golden blonde low lights...

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  1. Taylor3:55 PM

    Those HL are really well executed. Great job on the tresses