Alexander McQueen Wedding Dresses

Weddings are such expressive celebrations. With all the preparations that go into this special day the focus is mostly on the bride, its the day that she has dreamed of her whole life. She has practiced what she will say, what color scheme she'll have as well as what will be on the menu. With all the decisions she'll have to make the most important is how shell look presenting herself to her love for the first time as his Mrs. Ive always believed the wedding day should be a day filled with traditions that make the bride as well as the guests feel how meaningful this day is and what type of family the bride is marrying into. Of course, the wedding dress is the image itself of a wedding. These dresses are so commanding and aristocratic. I love the strength in the design of each individual dress. You cant wear these dresses to an intimate backyard wedding, no no, these dresses are made for eyes to be on them. These dresses make quite the statement and it places the wedding on a very exclusive level where you'll be sure to fine fashionable quests and incomparable decor. Those head pieces are to just die for as well. They complete the look with being so detailed and dazzling. I believe a bride should look her ultimate best on her wedding day. She should take the time to enhance herself in her finest jewelry, most stimulating perfume and finest lingerie she can get her hands on. This is a day that she'll remember for the rest of her life...

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