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I straighten my hair a lot, so much in fact that many people think I have naturally straight hair. I dont. My hair is extremely curly.. see, just take a look at my hair in this silly photo of me. Yes, the duck lips were intended but thats off topic.

As I was saying, I have really curly hair and after a hard childhood being called names like Afro hair and mushroom head I was on the quest to get my hair as flat and sleek as possible. Fast forward to today and I'll tell you that I use a few products to get my hair flat and keep it from frizzing up on me, yes, even in the rain..

Right now, I have a lot of Toni&Guy/ TiGi product lines. Ive really come to appreciate leave-in conditioner. Before, I never put any leave-in on my hair when I got out of the shower. I figured shampoo and conditioner was enough. It isnt enough though, having a leave-in in your hair evens out the porosity of your hair strands. So, if youre blow drying or flat ironing your hair a lot, make sure you put some leave-in conditioner in your hair for a healthier feel and a protectant. I am almost done with my TiGi Rockaholic Born To Rock leave-in. Its been good to me.

After leave-in I put some sort of smoothing serum. At the moment Im really enjoying Tigi's Catwalk Sleek Mystique Blow Out Balm. The scent of this product is what lured me in. I find myself smelling my hair throughout the day because it smells so clean and fragrant. Aside from how it makes my hair smell it also really helps with my blow dry. My hair has a beautiful shine and it really does come out sleek with a very faint glitter to it.

Sometimes I chose to run a flat iron through my hair after I blow dry. On those days Ill add a shine spray right before I use the flat iron. The shine spray helps protect my hair from the intense heat. Any shine spray will do. Any bit of light oil that will protect your hair from an irons heat will prolong the split end, fried look to your hair ends.

This client of mine has extremely curly hair, more so than my own. Her hair on the left is not dry, that hair was freshly washed and not even power dried to remove some wetness. Her hair instantly curled, even with the weight of water. I used leave-in and a little bit of blowout balm and round brushed her out once. Look at the difference these specific products make.

So there you have it, some of my frequently used hair products for straightening my hair. If youre looking to give yourself a new hairstyle from curly to straight then try out some of these products and see how they work for you.

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