Its Cold Outside

When your windows start to fog up because the temperature inside the house is nice and warm on a rainy day then a good warm, easy meal is in order.
I love making salad dressing. My nickname is SaraLime and well, thats because of my creative ways in which i eat my food with my lime.. I squeezed the juice out of 2 limes and added some Olive oil, salt and pepper. ..mix it together and pour over your salad and its so delicious, sour and mouth watering. When I have my salad sit for a 10-15 minutes with the salad dressing on it, it starts to really coat every vegetable and in my opinion, makes the salad tastier. I dont know if its because the salad isnt so cold from all the items coming out of the fridge .. you know having it almost at room temperature helps me pack more in! lol.. Im such a Taurus what can I say. Feed me and Im chill..

Easiest dinner... I took some spicey sausage and peeled the casing back and cut the sausage up. As I was cutting my sausage I had about 8 garlic cloves chopped up in some olive oil in my pan on low heat. The garlic releases all its delicious flavors into the oil making this infused olive oil!! Add some salt and pepper to the oil and soon your house starts smelling so aromatic with all these goodies you got going on..
Once you place your sausage in, turn up the heat
Add some spinach and cooked onions

I added some ready made sauce to my ingredients. I love adding ingredients to things already made. So instead of regular spaghetti I put my own little twist on it.

My boys were happy. Michael, my fiance, loves artichokes with anything so he got some artichoke hearts on the side with my easy 10 minute garlic bread. (melted butter, garlic powder, salt, pepper, pop in oven for 10 minutes at 250 degrees)

Rainy days calls for heavy food, movies, laughter and a few remember when stories..

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    I'm so hungry and cold