The Frame

Listening to Billy Idol's Eyes Without Face is rather fitting, for many many reasons... I have love affairs with lyrics.

Ive been itching for a "change" lately. Im starting to think its because my 30th is approaching. I take baby steps, as with anything, lol. So I played around with my eyebrows. As I tell my clients, eyebrows frame your face and put everything in place. Its so important to the overall appearance of your face. If you havent noticed before, take note next time. Look at a person and check out their brows! hee hee, I always do. I cant help it.

The Normal frames

Going a bit thicker makes me look more Persian. lol

Im feeling these.. they are much higher and have less of an arch. Opens up my eyes and gives my eyes a stretched youthful look.

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  1. Namaste Sara,
    Approaching a new decade seems to bring about introspection. I just turned 60 and the same thing occurred, I suddenly became aware of my age, shaved off 15 years worth of beard, started fixing my brows,( they were getting kinda old guy looking" Your ability to express yourself with grace and dignity is a pleasure to read.
    "Eyes without a Face" was my oldest daughter's favorite song, we played it a lot at her wake.
    I too hear lyrics deep within my soul long before the melody. Very nice posting, with metta