Enough To Go Around

Less then a week ago I bought a bag of bagels and they already started showing signs that they were going bad. So instead of throwing it out I decided to cut off any of the 'ugly' parts and start chopping at the bagel with a good knife till they were bite sized pieces for the birdies out back. To top it off, I painted a new bird family a home! I went to Michaels craft store and they have birdhouses on sale right now! All birdhouses regularly 3.99 to 9.99 are on sale for 3.99. So I bought 3 houses for 3 bird families! Heres the most elaborate one.

Of course, I stopped in the middle of the project to indulge in some red velvet cake and cold milk. so yummy..

Ta-da! Heres the house! I put some of those crumbs in the different layers. Hopefully the birds will start noticing it so they dont have to resort to eating my dog Chewy's food! Yeah, the poor little birdies are grabbing Chewy's food in the morning! So cute though...

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  1. Namaste Sara,
    Beautifully written and extremely creative. Thank you very much. Peace be with you,