Do It Yourself Lanterns

If youre a creative person looking for ways to spruce up your backyard then this project is one to definitely check out. Its very affordable but quite messy.

What you'll need is:
Cotton Yarn
Balloons of different sizes
Hangers or a pole to hang them from
Mix your flour (corn starch is better, you dont need as much as you would use with flour) water and glue in a large bowl or plastic tub. Soak your yarn in the mixture as you spread vaseline on your balloons so the yarn wont stick when youre ready to remove the balloons.

I didnt want to pop any of my balloons just in case the yarn wasnt dry. So what I did was make these lanterns a few days before my event and the balloons naturally deflated on their own.
I chose to use red, pink and white but you can use any color you'd like. I'll making making these lanterns again in a few months for a bachelorette party. Ill be using purple next time. These lanterns were heaps of fun to make. I had a ready nice time making them. Try it out, its cool to make things with your hands and household materials.

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