Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs always make a great potluck dish. You can make them as simple or as ingredient rich as you'd like. I boiled then cooled 18 eggs as I prepped my ingredients for the yolk mixture

Use a sharp knife to hand chop your ingredients but make sure you are careful!!
I fine chopped celery, carrots, red onions, garlic, olives and cheddarella cheese then mixed a few spoon fulls of mayonnaise. Im not one of those cooks that writes down how I did everything or how much of what ingredient I used. I just add ingredients till I like the viscosity of whatever mixture im making. After I added the egg yolks, I went ahead and loaded up some more cheese, a lot of it! adding salt and pepper is optional, I did however use more pepper than salt

After adding the mixture to the eggs, I had plenty left over. I just stored it in the fridge and munch on it with pita chips. So delicious and packed with flavor.

If you like eggs then try this out. Its fun to make and good to eat!


  1. This is simple enough for men to make.
    You have a deceiving blog here. Your blog name suggests other then what your content is about... I like the added bonus we can find on here though I wont be wearing any of the mens fashion you have posted here.
    Great blog. You cook- your aware of fashion and your looks, whose better than you?

  2. Namaste Sara, not sure how I got listed twice as a follower. my bad. please feel free to deleted which ever you like. . Love the new blog. I will amend your listing on our website to reflect this one if you prefer. Great articles. Prayers for your success and happiness.
    Peace and light

  3. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Your cooking is so delicious Sara. You're always bringing something tasty and homemade out of the kitchen. Thank you for always inviting us out to your epic BBQ's and being such a giving host. You and Michael are wonderful hosts and a loving couple.