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My very good friend Danielle is an extremely talented baker. Her cookies are soft and moist and always decorated in the neatest ways. I recently found out that baking is actually a side business of hers that she recently set up so I jumped on the opportunity to order some custom made cookies for my friends bachelorette party that Im hosting. In my opinion, I think handmade gifts and homemade food, decorations, clothing, accessories , etc, are the most genuine way to express what is in your heart. Taking the time to make something shows how thought out the details of an event are.

Danielle and I had a consultation for what I wanted for cookies including color, amount and shapes. She addressed all my wishes and has sent me photos of cookies shes playing around with for the event.

Danielle has made numerous cookies for all sorts of occasions. Take a look at some of her cookies that made my list in appearance. I already know the taste makes the lists. They really are delicious!

Here are a few questions that I asked Danielle..

How long have you been baking for?
I have been baking and decorating cookies for about 2 years now. I was trying to think of something creative to give to co-workers for Christmas so I thought I'd make some cute detailed cookies. They turned out really nice and I had a lot of fun. Ever since then I have been trying to bake them for different events and holidays.

Are you usually in the kitchen making homemade food for your family?
Yes, my boyfriend Eddie and I love to cook together. We always try to make new and yummy things. Its fun to spend time with your partner cooking and eating. I am constantly looking for new recipes and cookie ideas.

Where did you get your inspiration to bake from?
As kids, my sister and I always loved baking with our step-mom and grandma. So I definitely would have to say it came from that. My grandma is one of the best cooks as well as my sister. My sister is the cook and Im the baker, LOL!

Can anyone order cookies from you?
Yes, recently I started a baking blog called Cookies by DJ.
I have a few posts of my work up and will continue to update from that blog. You can find my contact info on the blog for any ordering inquiries.

How long does it take for an order to be ready?
I like to have at least 2 weeks in advance to complete an order. This way, I can consult with my client and plan out my design and have ample time to make the cookies the best they can be. Sometimes the orders may take a little longer, depending on if I have to pre-order cookie cutters. However, simple orders can be completed in a week. I recently learned how to make my own cookie cutters which cuts out the time it would take me to pre-order some of them. The first cookie cutter I made was a martini glass and it looks great!

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