My Stephanie and Tiffany, my link to the past and strength and support for the future.
I love these girls so much and we always have a ton of fun together. This past weekend we met up with Tiffany's other friends at Lady Face off of Kanon to have a meet and greet with some of Tiffany's other bachelorette party/ wedding guests. We tripped out on the development of the 805 but after an hour and a half wait we realized why we moved the F out as soon as we graduated high school. ha ha ha..

My girl, Tiff is getting married in May to her high school sweetheart. They have been together for well over the "7 year itch" time span that everyone fears will dwindle love away. Nope, T & K are as solid as the ground we walk on. They hold the reigning title of the 'ma & pop' couple.

I had such a great time with you girls, I love you to pieces. Every time we hang out we have hours of endless laughter and silliness. I cant believe we have known each other for so long and are not only witnessing but participating in an active role with each others lives. From first kisses and beyond to moving in with our boyfriends and marriage. Soon we'll become mothers and raise our children together. I just hope we are able to hold onto our bond for many more decades to come.
Look girls, I managed to grab one photo from all the drunken ones we took at my house that night. LOL... we laughed so hard and so long that Michael actually excused himself to the bedroom. ha ha. He said he had never heard girls laugh like we did and for so long. He asked what we were laughing at... I showed him the photos but he wasnt feeling it like we were! Maybe cause he was sober. lol!!

And yes, Steph, look at the orb, it is there again. I also noticed a faint one on the upper picture. Maybe someone is telling me I need to make a trip to the cemetery soon!

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