A New Decade Awaits

Alice In Wonderland theme New Years Eve party! We walked in and were greeted by the Mad Hatter and Alice. Drinks were ready to be had... parts of the night are blacked out... i dont know why... oh yeah...

Oh Alice... Enjoy my baby as I enjoy your hookah lounge..

The Queens!

I snapped the photo at the right moment! 12 am 1/1/11

And so we start a new year, a new decade and a chance to 'start over'. 2010 whizzed by, I actually remember last NYE like it was just a few weeks ago. The older we get the faster the time rolls by.

First and foremost, many many thanks to my good God for taking such good care of me, my family and my dear friends. Every year that passes makes me more appreciative of my loving fiance/best friend, Michael. He has been my constant backbone. Through everything he has always remained patient and loving. Without him, it would be a lonely road.

My partner in crime Stephanie threw an amazing party with her love, Josef. Great times, fantastic memories (what we can remember) and a hungry appetite for what the new year and start of the new decade has to offer.

Lets see where this wild ride takes us.

Cheers everyone, keep doing you in 2011 and remember we really are blessed to see another year!


  1. Happy New Year. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures Alice!

  2. wouldnt of been one of the best new years with out close friends :)