Just Another Day At Work

No red carpet suits here, this is what happens before all that. Kick back, raw and uncut. Michaels job kicks ass on so many levels. When I get the "Going to be a bit late baby, in a meeting" text then I get excited for the cool stories I may hear over dinner. The other night it was Gerard Butler. Michael and 2 other people were working with 'Gerry' as they call him! I cant believe that they are on terms like that! Anyhow, Gerard, I mean, Gerry and Mike got real close... licking, rubbing, loving...it was part of the scene. Ill tell you one thing though...
... .. when he got home I asked him where he was licked... then I licked that spot! lol... thats as close as Im getting to making out with Gerard!

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  1. Betty Noir10:47 PM

    You guys are the behind-the-scenes couple. Makes for great stories at cocktail hour, I'm sure