Golden Globes Style

I didnt watch the Golden Globes last night, however, I still got the 411 on all the fashion and hair opinions from different online sources like, Huffington Post, Hollywood Gossip and various fashion blogs.

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad looks absolutely stunning! I am in love with that dress. She looks like a glamorous trendsetting bride. Her hair wasnt anything Id drool over though. Id like to see her hair in a finger wave or large pomp with a thin band. Still, this dress is my favorite of the evening

Scarlett Johansson's Elie Saab dress reminds me of The Great Gatsby. I love the color and detail to her dress. Very feminine and classy. Unfortunately I didnt read a single article about how nice her hair looked. Most sites stated it was a miss. I, however, really like it. Theres a beautiful wave to her hair that matches her flowy dress.

Halle Berry in Nina Ricci. This woman cant do wrong. She is like a demigod

Sandra Bullock in a Jenny Packham dress. Her dress was similar to Scarlett's. Unfortunately, so was her hair reviews. The main consensus was that a 90s hairdo that she already sported during her Speed days was a sham. Her hair was far too simple for an Oscar winner. Her blunt fringe was distracting from the elegance of her dress.

Hayden Panettiere's sheer dress showed her nipple covers when photographers camera flash went off. This is really embarrassing because the dress is actually really beautiful but the malfunction takes away from its beauty

Megan Fox in Armani Prive. I dont know if others think this look is appealing but in my opinion, its not. She doesnt look healthy, she looks frail and as though her head is too heavy to support on such a thin body. Beautiful girl but its a miss this time..

Christina Aguilera in Zuhair Murad. Theres something about this dress but I cant put my finger on it. Last year she wowed the world and pleased the photographers however there is an obvious difference between last year and this year with Christina..

Christina Hendricks in Ramona Keveza. This dress isnt doing it for me either. Maybe its her hair that is killing it for me. I wish it was back in a sleek manner so it wouldnt be resting on her shoulder ruffle. Her hair looks messy and doesnt match the style of the dress

Julianne Moore didnt make the impression she wanted to with this Lanvin dress. This avant garde dress just looked too frumpy
Michelle William's in Valentino. this was just a huge disappointment. I dont really need to explain why


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Christina Aguilera got fat. Megan Fox is still hot. Sandra Bullock lost her sex appeal and why isn't Catherine Zeta Jones up in this? Who is Chriatina Hendricks.

  2. Lip Service7:19 PM

    The ceremony was a disappointment