Faded Lives...

Antiquing is one of my favorite things to do. Antique stores hold so much personal history. If you believe in energy like I do, then you know what I mean when I say that sometimes certain objects have an energy that call out to you.

Once upon a time there lived people that were as sentimental as some of us now. They loved, they hurt, they experienced things that only they knew the power of. Now.. their belongings sit on shelves in antique stores amongst a thousand other items from different people throughout time. Glory is if someone will buy these items and take good care of them as their first owners once did..

There were many books, necklaces, purses, rings, shoes, pins and frames all around but this particular book literally grabbed my attention. I had passed it but felt I needed to turn around and look at the bottom shelf which was locked. I called an employee of the shop over to unlock the shelf and let me observe this beautiful book that has so much energy.

"I carved my name
upon the wood,
And, after
that stretched of old upon the plain"

"Presented to Sophia Sorenson Christmas 1903"

"Dear Sophia:-
There is room for mine name in your album,
There is room for my love in your
There is room for us both in heaven
Where we never more shall part.
your true friend,
Frances Howard"
you see.... that is the very energy I was feeling. Love lives forever and I hope that both Howard and Sophia are indeed in Heaven enjoying their love..

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