Art Is All Around

My fiance had an art show Friday night in Glendale, California. I was all dressed up and looking forward to an evening of art and spending time with friends, many whom I havent seen in years.
Michael, my fiance, has showcased his work at Gallery Godo in the past with an incredible turnout. Friday nights turnout was one that I am definitely putting in the books.

As I looked around the room I quickly noticed a few people signing to one another. With extreme excitement and eagerness to meet them I walked closer then noticed a few more people signing. I figured the art show was part of a deaf event when I quickly learned that one of the artists was deaf. This peaked my interest because I had a chance to meet more people from an incredibly supportive and beautiful culture.
After a few glasses of wine I made my way into a few conversations. The fact that many of them genuinely showed an appreciation for Michaels art work gave me something more to converse with them about.

The above three images are a few of Michaels new pieces. Atlas was a hit at the show.

So happy and lucky to have been part of the LA Art Mix. I got to see friends that I havent seen in so long and in addition to seeing old friends I was blessed to make new friends. Bryan and Kalen were 2 extremely lovely people that I am beyond ecstatic about meeting. Bryan invited Michael and I to an after hours party that is soon approaching for the Pinocchio show at the Deaf West Theatre. I cant miss an event to see my new friends again. I really didnt want the night to end. I appreciated so much about the evening that a blog post and pictures cant do its justice. I literally spent 70% of the evening signing and reconnecting with something that has always intrigued me and brought me so much joy. The Deaf culture is one of the most beautiful cultures there is

From paintings, to illustrations, American Sign Language, fashion, beauty and inspiration...ART was ALL around

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