Spa Natura

This is a tough position to be in for most of the day...

My job is to make people feel better about themselves through a beauty session. I take full pleasure in creating a new look for someone. The most gratifying feeling is when a client gets out of my chair to hug me and tell me how appreciative they are for making them look and feel so great. After 8 sometimes 10 hours on my feet and in a hunched over position I feel a bit run down at the end of the day. I, just like my clients, look for someone to make me feel incredible. Most stylists have a certain type of regime they follow to keep their bodies from giving out on them. Some do yoga, others do pilates, there are runners, swimmers, and also dancers. All of us have a place we go to to get as much pampering for our bodies under one roof. My place of pleasure is Natura Spa…

My mom brought me here a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Now, keep in mind that this bath house is fully nude. So if being nude in a room with women that you dont know is an issue, I wouldnt reccommend this place. However, if youre comfortable in your own skin then make it a point to stop into Natura.

Everything is clean and sanitized. Youre given a robe and numbered bracelet for a massage at the end of your visit. When you enter the bath house a quick rinse starts the relaxation that is to be had for the next few hours.

I normally indulge in the tea and hot water pools. I still havent been able to soak in the ice cold water. Cold water is so good for our skin. It tightens everything up and keeps our skin looking youthful as well as leaving our hair shiny . I watch how the other ladies do it but I just cant. I cant go from hot to cold within a few minutes.

After soaking for a bit I like to come into the hot stone rooms. I love the complete silence and calm that surrounds these areas. Great spot for meditating.

They have a few different steam rooms that will leave your skin feeling like silk. One of those rooms gets so steamy that you literally cant see the person(s) next to you in the room. My first few times in this room would only last a few minutes because my lungs werent acustomed to that type of atmosphere. However, now I can sit peacefully and enjoy my body being relaxed and my muscles softening up before my number is called to enjoy an incredible Korean massage and body scrub.

When I leave Natura I feel good as new again. My muscles are relaxed, my back isnt hurting and my skin feels fresh and hydrated.

The address to this little piece of heaven is 3240 Wilshire Blvd. Suite B, Los Angeles, CA 90010. There number is 213 381 2288.

Call them and see how it changes your body.

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