Nobody Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent

Fashion is important in our lives and gratifying for our self expression because it is a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. We adorn our bodies, style our hair and wear our makeup in the style we want, the style we believe in ourselves that looks good. The beauty of being an individual is knowing there isn’t anyone else in the world that is the same. If your form of self expression bothers someone else or angers someone else, that isn’t on you, that’s not your problem. So live your life and be proud of who you are and carry yourself with confidence. Think of other peoples opinions as a form of inspiration to try something new or different because fashion and style are evolving constantly. Evolve with them, don’t be stagnant.

The world needs all types of people and we all draw our inspiration from one another. If you don’t open your mind then you’ll always have a struggle within to try to please other people and stay within the lines of safety. Life is about experiencing, changing and exploring the things that aren’t familiar to us.

2011 is almost here. Lets keep the defensive behavior and any paranoia in 2010. Remember things will test our patience but don’t fail victim to submitting because you cant put your logic and mental peace to use. Meditate more, smile more, think through a friendlier perspective. Constantly strive to better yourself.

Wishing everyone a very happy last few days of 2010. We are starting a new decade, Im excited to see the styles and trends that will emerge.

*In the middle of writing this post I found out a fellow makeup artist and girlfriend shaved her head! talk about making a bold move!!

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