Evil Eye Inspiration

Being middle eastern means our houses, cars, jewelry and artwork are all adorned with eyeballs! Freaky, I know, but its actually very symbolic. The 'evil eye' or 'third eye' is used as protection against the evil eye and usually falls off a necklace, charm or chain when it is foreseeing something bad coming. Its like a sponge, in a way, it absorbs the bad energy and breaks off. When it does break off of a necklace, bracelet, or keychain its best to have someone else bless it again and place it back on. If youre not middle eastern then this is just all a bunch of unrealistic culture. However, if you are middle eastern, then you very well know how absolutely accurate and magical this really is. I have stories of when my eye charm would fall off a keychain or bracelet during the craziest moments or fall off randomly at a certain location then afterwards finding out something negative or bad about where I was or what I was about to get involved in.. I wore one around my neck for 7 years straight (In older photos you can always see it around my neck with a double edged sword charm), a few years ago it fell off and every time I put it back on it falls off... Strange, but true..

I was looking at some middle eastern art and photos that I really felt inspired by. I zoned out on Cleopatras eyes and the strength in makeup application on them. I was enjoying the color blue from the eye charms and just started painting my nails and eyes...lol

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