Serene Moon

 On September 16th, 2015 at 11:00am I gave birth via C-section to my sweet angelic Serene Moon. She weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. Our stay at Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks was as great as I remembered it to be from when we had our first born there. The nurses were sweet and attentive, especially the night shift nurse, Ivonne. I had some complications during surgery but recovered well and fast. I went in expecting more pain than the first time and having a harder time moving around. Im not sure if I was overly prepared or I just shocked myself because even though I had a harder go around with this delivery I recovered faster, I walked more and the pain was less. The one thing that has been a little hard is the hormonal department. I feel more emotional these days than I ever remember feeling and that says a lot because Im an extremely emotional being. Overall though I am grateful to God for this phase of my life. Life becomes so much more fragile when you start a family. Its not about one person anymore its about the whole family. There is a lot to adjust with that but its all good adjustments, hard and different but good. Having a family is a complete blessing and I do wish that for all my friends that havent started theres yet. Our mornings are very early but filled with the sound of running footsteps and laughter. Our nights are warmer and filled with adventurous stories of characters I made up. Little Red Fish and his little brother Phillip. haha. Our adult time starts around 9pm where my husband and I get a few hours together without doing parenting things instead we end up looking at photos of them and talking about them. haha, its a beautiful thing. we dont have as much free time as we used to but the time we have is all going down in the memory bank with traditions, funny stories (we really had to curb our cursing around our toddler) and personal growth as a unit.
Life is good

Reservations For Party of Four

Im officially in my third trimester, Im almost at the finish line. As any mother of two will tell you, the second pregnancy goes by much faster and is completely different than the first go around. With my first pregnancy I was a complete train wreck. I had zero control over what I ate, my nose got fatter, my eyelashes got extremely short and I stopped wearing my wedding ring within my second trimester. I kept reminding my husband who wanted 3 children with me that this was my first and last time doing this. I couldnt imagine going through it again. I looked 7 months pregnant when I was 4 months in, my belly, legs and arms grew fast and I purchased every belly lotion, stretch mark ointment that was on the market. I even started rubbing olive oil on myself twice a day. Did it help? No. I still got stretch marks on my hips and lower belly as well as my breasts. Everything was going downhill!!!

After I had my baby girl and was recovering in the hospital I was advised to NOT LOOK at my c-section incision area. Both my doctor and head nurse told me to avoid looking in the mirror at all costs and that my body had gone through a major adjustment and it needed time to bounce back. Well, I did pretty well until the 3rd night at the hospital...  My best friend Tiffany came to bring me magazines, food and a care package and we got to talking about the whole experience. I wanted a sponge bath from my husband who had just walked to the car to get something. I got help up from my bed and walked into the bathroom.. where was the wash cloth?? the mirror... Long story short, I glanced at my body and quickly covered up and went back in bed. I couldnt stop crying. I literally couldnt stop the tears from falling. My best friend was stroking my hair and trying to calm me down, nothing worked. I unrobed and made the poor girl observe me. I think I nearly frightened her to death with my demands of asking her to look at my body. I buzzed the nurse in and asked why my body looked the way it did... Turned out I had a heat reaction so my whole body was blotchy  and swollen. I thought  my incision was sewn together because I didnt want staples, I had no clue I was being held together with crazy glue!! By the time my husband came back into the room and was ready to bathe me I told him no and that he couldnt see me naked for about umm... 2 years. hhahaha. God bless his sweet self because everything I couldnt stand about myself is everything he caressed and loved all the more. 

Losing the weight was harder than I thought too. I was told I would rapidly lose the swelling and weight with breastfeeding. No, again. I couldnt breast feed and I was swollen for a while later. I wasnt allowed to work out for three months after the birth of our first child because my incision area wasnt fully healed. I had started bleeding from my cut a month after my baby was born. The whole experience was painful. humbling. surreal. numbing. you name it.
when the weight finally started coming off I felt better about myself. I woud look at old modeling photos of myself and try to motivate myself and get that body back, or close to it. As things started falling into place I was being told by my husband and family the importance of having another child. I knew it was important to give my daughter a sibling for many reasons. As my sister said to me, the second baby isnt for you, its for her. She needs to have someone with her throughout her life. I couldnt agree more but was unsure when to start the process again.

My husband and I took a trip to Florence, Italy without our daughter so we could relax, sleep in, continue the romance in our marriage. However, all we thought about was our kitten. What was she doing? Did she feel our absence? Wherever we went we kept saying how much our kitten would have loved it. We took her favorite stuffed animal with us so we could smell her. Had picture texts and video sessions with my parents all along so we could see what she was up to. in other words, we were damned either way. Welcome to parenthood.

I remember eating at an outdoor restaurant and I ordered a steak salad. Something about the smell of the steak made me want to throw up. My husband said "youre pregnant, Sara" and I quickly shrugged it off. well...I was, I just didnt know it. We got back to the states and were quite excited it happened but only to have major issues that lead to a miscarriage. After the miscarriage I was a complete wreck all over again and had a long talk with my husband that I didnt think I was strong enough to go through this whole process again. Supportive and loving as he was he told me he just wanted me happy and we could revisit the thought of expanding our family when the time was right.

Well, 3 months later the time was right whether we wanted it to be or not. There was a soul in heaven that needed to come down and be born and here I am, pregnant and happy.

In the beginning of this pregnancy I was mentally preparing myself for the road ahead but it was pretty smooth with the exception of a few bumps in the road. My body isnt swelling the same, my nose hasnt gotten too much bigger, lol, my lashes are okay and I still am wearing my wedding ring. I do however have really bad dizzy spells which we found out is because I became anemic. My body isnt holding on to iron as well as it should be. I dont crave sweets as much as I did with my first pregnancy. Chicken is off the menu. The sight of chicken was making me throw up a lot in my first and half of my second trimester. I have had chronic sciatica since i was 16 and that has gotten worse unfortunately. There are days I cant get up and need help if I am laying on my back. Makes me feel old and broken. My body has definitely gotten bigger but isnt anywhere where I used to be with my first pregnancy. 

Its definitely a ride and just today at lunch with my best friend, who just had a baby 4 days ago, we were talking about the magic we feel at this time in our lives. Shes done having babies and Im still up in the air if Ill do it one more time or not, my husband really wants a son. At lunch we were talking about how we need to hold on to these moments, these memories as much as possible because it is now that life stirs within me. I feel most heavenly now, I am creating life. Do I look forward to getting my body in shape again, sure, but I appreciate what this moment is right now and dont want to rush it. These are the phases of our lives. When I see my daughter play and run around with my nephews I have a deep happiness rush around inside me. I am grateful to give her a sibling, grateful for the lessons it will teach her. My husband and I will continue on with our schedules and as the years go by they will become more geared towards us again so I dont want my daughter feeling alone and forgotten. I have seen what that can do to a child and how they act out and its quite disgraceful and sad. I dont know what I would do without my sister so I feel very blessed for this new addition.

Long post tonight, but it feels good to write down some thoughts and read it back in months to come. I remember this post from when my daughter was born and look back on it fondly. Hopefully everything goes smoothly with my delivery and Ill have more pictures to show of my second daughters first moments on Earth...

Next Generation

These two adorable souls are the angels that made my best friend Tiffany and I mothers. Everything about these angels makes my heart skip a beat. Clearly as you can tell they love chips. When one would drop a chip the other would pick it up and eat it. When my daughter Soleil would ask for a chip she would also ask for one for Logan. I just love them to pieces and ALL their sweet pieces. Both of them are going to be older siblings. Logan will welcome his little brother at the beginning of July and Soleil will welcome her little sister mid September. Life has changed in so many beautiful and blessed ways and going through this experience with my best friend since childhood is beyond magical. We chat every day through texts and phone calls and are trying to move closer to each other. It would be ideal to raise our children close to each other. Life is sweet and its sweeter with strong girlfriends that have been there through thick and thin. Time exposes a lot and it teaches us a lot. Good, bad, sweet, bitter and everything else in between. It makes our relationships with friends and family stronger and deeper and more appreciative.

Today, as I sit and type away on my keyboard I have such a deep gratification for my life and everyone in it. I thank God for this journey and every blessing I experience. With each pregnancy our hearts enlarge more, our viewpoint expands more and things become so much clearer and picturesque.

When I was in junior high school I dedicated a song to Tiffany, and every time I  hear it it takes me back to my childhood. Forever grateful for this life....

Ulay, oh

                                              The Artist Is Present

Artists Marina Abramovic and Ulay started an intense love affair in the 1970s, performing out of a van they called home.

When they ended their relationship, they decided to walk the Great Wall of China, each from one end, meeting for one last embrace in the middle....

That was the last time they saw each other.....

In 2010, as part of her MoMA retrospective, 'The Artist is Present', Marina shared a minute of silence with each stranger who sat in front of her.

On opening night, Ulay arrived without Marina knowing....

I have watched this video maybe 200 times today. The power and emotion that is exuded through both of them, without words, gives me chills and tears streaming down my face......

Emergency Preperations

California is overdue for another big earthquake and none of us know when the big one will hit. When it does hit our lives return to a primitive state and being prepared is the most important thing we can do for ourselves and our families. Its no surprise that I am petrified of earthquakes. The sound alone freezes me and shakes my core. We have zero control over when the earthquake will hit, how hard it will hit and how many aftershocks will soon follow. What we do have control over is making sure we have our basic and bartering items to make it through at least 72 hours.

Since becoming a mother and having another one on the way my maternal need to protect and gather as much as I can has tripled. The last thing I would want to face is not being prepared when a natural disaster hits. Recently I updated the emergency pack I had. It was outdated and needed to be larger since our family is growing. I love Amazon, I find such a convenience with that site and look to do a lot of my household shopping on there. I found a great 4 person emergency kit filled with  some really good starters. On the site you can find more items like water purifiers and tablets to add to your kits.Youd be surprised what uses you can find on there as well as Pinterest.

Here are some of the items I added to the Emergency Kit I purchased from Amazon, I hope my readers will find some of these items useful and add them you your own kits

Toilet paper (I removed the cardboard roll from the center so i can easilt place them in a large ziplock bag

2 extra rescue blankets in addition to the 4 that come with the kit
Tampons and sanitary pads, these serve a variety of survival uses. Pads can be used as heavy binding if God forbid there is a deep cut

Scotch tape or duct tape to seal anything, pen or marker to leave notes to family members that may come by your house if you leave

Aquatabs water purification tablets 100/pack

Lighters and matches

Lotion, deodorant, floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbands, soap

batteries and candles,

superglue, remember superglue can seal cuts perfectly. I had my c section incision held together with superglue which was the first time I even heard of such a use for it!!

 disinfecting wipes, we all get a ton of them when we order delvered food, save those and put them in your kit!!

whistles with compass

Spoons and forks and papertowls with any type of dried or canned food you desire

Ibuprofen (motrin, advil) anti-inflammatory , Acetaminophen (tylenol) pain reliever

at least $300 in cash. $1s, $5s, $10s, $20s and $50s your checks and cards serve no purpose during an earthquake. I remember the devastation of the 94 earthquake and the lines that circled the stores. If you didnt have cash, you werent to wait in line.

other items that are really useful to barter when money runs out or if you dont have any cash on hand are

Cigarettes, soap, bullets, Alcohol, dried foods, detergent, water bottles, matches, lighters, sugar, toilet paper, bleach, batteries candles...

 Im still getting together the food portion of my kit but the one I purchased from Amazon does have food bars for a family of 4. Aside from these necessities its also a good idea to have cards to help pass the time or dominoes. Of course you have have family scattered around the city you should have a plan with them too, where youll meet up and what steps need to be taken for anyone needing medical attention.

 I got myself all worked up the other night when we had friends over for dinner, one of our guests had never experienced an earthquake where electricty and power lines were down. I got juiced up talking about my own experiences and realized how important it is to be prepared. You should be prepared too, you never know what can happen

Chop Chop

                                          A little music, a little change...

It was time for a little change, but one that I have been wanting to make for a REALLY long time. I chopped my hair to a manageable and flexible length.
I have had waist length hair for a really long time and I was noticing I either had my hair in 2 braids or it was up in a bun. Sometimes I wore my hair down but having a toddler thats just asking to get your hair ripped out. But most importantly, I was getting bored with the way it looked. I didnt want a curtain for hair anymore, I wanted shorter hair with layers that can be worn in a sexy messy updo or if I chose to have it down it had body and a lot of movement. 

Like most decisions I make it was in the middle of doing something else. I was on my stationary bike one evening watching TV with my husband when i just stopped and got up and walked over to my home salon and chopped the heck out of it. I felt liberated!!! I did it, I cut it!! I ran out of the salon and showed my husband who was shocked but liked the way it looked. My husband, family and friends say it took off 10 years from my appearance too, not bad!! What I love most about it is that my bouncy curls are back when I want to wear it curly. 

Feels good to make little changes in my appearance....lets see whats next.....

50 Shades of Blonde

When it comes to blonde hair it seems like there are a hundred different shades of it, from strawberry blondes, honey blondes, caramel blondes all the way to platinum. Summer is approaching and living in California means clients tend to have the urge to lighten up. If your hair is naturally a darker shade and youre planning on going lighter I highly recommend  a gradual process. Sure, you can fry your hair and do it all in one appointment but you will have a ton of breakage and hair that will look like straw by the end of the month. We've all seen it, a ton of fly aways on top of a persons hair and fried dry ends. Lighter hair is usually thirsty so the best treatment to maintain the integrity of your hair is to deep condition as often as possible.

My favorite deep conditioner is S Factor Serious Conditioner by Tigi, a 5 ouch tube will run you about $28 but its well worth it.

If youre a little tight with your budget you can always make your own.

Ingredients you'll need:
Table Spoon of Natural Cocoa Butter(I use Yellow Stick), 1/4 cup of Olive Oil, 1/2 cup of Black Tea (Black Tea already made, not the tea bag itself), 2 Tablespoons of Honey, 1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon, and 3 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice.

Combine all the ingredients into a bowl and let it set for 30 minutes before putting it in your hair. You must let it set so that the natural peroxide in the cinnamon will be activated. Once you put it in your hair, cover your hair with a shower cap then wrap a towel around your head so the mixture won't drip on you. Let an hour pass then wash out of hair. Shampoo is optional for the hair will not be sticky if washed thoroughly!

If you dont have some of these ingredients then another really easy and affordable  deep conditioner is the regular conditioner you have in your shower.

Wash your hair the way you normally would, when you come out of the shower towel dry your hair but try not to create too much friction. brush your hair starting from tips to root and start applying your already existing conditioner on your hair generously. Really get it in your hair, dont leave any dry strands. As with any deep conditioning treatment, wrap your hair in either a shower cap or a plastic bag if youre really hurting in the supply department. take a towel out of the dryer and wrap your hair around the bag. Heat really moistens and activates the process. you can leave it on your hair for a half hour or go all out and leave it over night. Dont worry about keeping the towel around your head all through the night because the heat from your head will do the rest of the work after the towel goes cold. Wash with cool water and let hair dry. You will noticeably feel a difference and hold onto your hairs moisture and shine.


Recently I was asked by a lush mens grooming site, DapperRx to give a few tips on mens eyebrow grooming. I was so happy to do so as I am noticing more and more men are sporting brows like that of girls that have been tweezer happy.

Take a look at their site and look around at all the amazing tips and products they review.